Positions & Priorities

Hyper-partisanship has ripped apart our country and this disarray is spreading to the states.  While partisanship hasn’t completely taken over in West Virginia the partisanship creep is making its way into our state level governance.  We cannot become a state wherein our political leaders don’t talk to each other or compromise to get things done for the people of West Virginia.

Leadership encompasses the ability to steer a group and take them in a common direction.  If elected by the constituents of District 27 I will use all the skills I have acquired over 34 years of Military service, in numerous leadership positions, to ensure the voice’s of Southern West Virginia and our Veterans are heard.



  • We Must Create “Quality Jobs” that ensure Southern West Virginians can provide for their families.
  • We Must Create a “Business-Friendly Environment” – Create positive tax and regulatory climate to encourage business growth and attract outside business to our state.
  • We Must “Improve Broadband Infrastructure”.  Broadband is the essential economic infrastructure that Southern West Virginia needs to compete regionally, nationally, and globally.


Pro-2nd Amendment

  • Support Constitutional Right to Keep And Bear Arms.
  • Support Concealed Carry Rights.
  • Defend The Rights of Law-Abiding Gun Owners
  • National Right To Carry


Disciplined Education System

  • Reduce bureaucracy - Shift more public education funding to the classroom (too many administrators to student ratio).
  • Effective teachers should be identified and rewarded on merit, not tenure.
  • Building a better local economy is essential for improved teacher salaries, first-class school facilities, and attracting quality teachers.



  • Abortion should never be used as a form of birth control
  • I believe in exceptions when life of the mother is endangered or pregnancy resulting from incest or rape.


  • We must “Create Quality Jobs”.
  • We must “Reduce Bureaucracy in State Government”.
  • We must “Improve Transportation Infrastructure (Roads & Bridges)”.
  • We must “Restore a Disciplined Education System”.
  • We must “Take care of Veterans”.